Electrostatic Pain Relief Patch for Back Neck Shoulder Pain - 4 Boxes - 7 Pcs /Box - Electro-stimulation blocks pain receptors, promotes release of endorphins and stimulates natural healing

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These electrostatic patches are a new technology and differ from other pain relief patches such as cayenne, other herbs or drugs that can have an irritating or allergen potential. They are gentle and comfortable on the skin. 

The use of bio-electricity may block pain signals, promote the release of endorphins (natural pain killers in the body) and improve circulation  - so it not only relieves pain but has the potential to stimulate natural healing and a more permanent effect.

How it works:

The mechanism is somewhat similar to TENS therapy but the patch is more portalbe and safe due to the use of safe negative voltage.

1000v negative electricity is stored in the central white area of the patch and the human body is an electrical conductor. When skin touches the patch, the negative electricity starts to work and forms a micro-current between the patch and pain area of the body. The micro-current will supplement the voltage of sodium and calcium ions and can help recover the bio-electricity of the body. 

Is it safe?

1000v negative electricity is very safe for the human body. For example, in the dry winter, people's hair or fiber clothes easily form electrostatic energy which can produce a mild shock. This instantaneous negative voltage is over 10,000v. So 1,000v negative voltage is not only safe but can help the body recover bio-electricity and dispel pain. 

Instructions for Use:

Apply patch to area of pain

Leave in place for up to 8 hours.  Assess pain level before applying new patch as needed a couple hours later.

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