Glacial Marine Clay Formula 1 Facial Mask

Glacial Marine Clay Formula 1 Facial Mask

$49.95 USD
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    • 1 Facial Mask is rejuvenating for all skin types.
    • Canadian Glacial Clay from Glacial Bay Organic Clay Co. is a very rare, highly energized healing clay sustainably harvested from a remote region of British Columbia beneath active and live glaciers - one of the purest clays available.
    • Clays are known for their ability to deeply clean pores, help to detoxify the skin and provide mineral nutrients to the skin.
    • Now pre-hydrated and easy to use combined with organic plant enzymes. Enzymes gently scavenge damaged, diseased, and dead skin cells in order to make room for new skin tissue and collagen to fill in the skins upper dermal layer for optimal radiance.
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