Oil Free Moisturizer

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An excellent non-comedogenic, light moisturizer that won't clog pores or add to the shiny appearance of oily or combination skin types. With 100% pure botanical hyaluronic acid that boosts elasticity and hydration and Panthenol, a non-irritating, naturally hydrating form of Vitamin B5 that penetrates deeply helping to diminish wrinkles, counteract surface bacteria to treat acne and is known to reduce inflammation, soothe irritations and initiate the rebuilding of your skin.

Also includes an Ocean Mineral concentrate. Seawater is similar in composition to human plasma and easily absorbed. It can keep skin healthy and young.

Herbal Infusion contains:

Organic Aloe Vera - for perpetual youth and rapid healing from naturally occurring MSM, plant steroids and salicylic acid. Great for sun burns, toning, shrinking of pores, and a great source of silicon for the skin to recreate itself in the most beautiful manner possible

Organic Gotu Kola - stimulates the production of collagen and the manufacture of new skin cells, enhances the integrity and vascularization of connective tissue and skin, hastens wound healing, improves elasticity and rejuvenates blood vessels for improved circulation to the skin.

Organic Horsetail - high in silica, a major building block for hair, skin, and nails and the age old secret to beauty.

Organic Rose Geranium - excellent for rebuilding scarred, damaged, and broken down skin cells, treats acne, inflammation, wounds and wrinkles.

Organic Dandelion - has a highly bioavailable mineral content contains chemicals called eudesmanolides, found in no other herb, sterols, flavonoids and mucilage, all highly revered antioxidants, preventing the degeneration of skin cells and DNA, preventing free radical damage. 

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