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TerraBathe is an ION-MIN® premium, all-natural calcium montmorillonite clay. It is a pristine clay mineral compound with a strong negative ionic charge to help remove toxins from your body, through your skin and pores. It has a high pH value of 8.3, and is comprised of microscopic particles, most under 1 micron in size. TerraBathe contains the nutrients that are most important for youthful looking skin and the health of all dermal tissue.

Treat yourself to the personal luxury of a premium montmorillonite clay bathe. The rich mixture of minerals with a strong silica base will cleanse your whole body.  It is a natural clean. No smells, just an array of ionic energy permeating your senses.  A mineral bathe is a luxury you will want to include in your budget - the skin detox that you receive as you lie back in the tub and let the warm water relax your body.  The energy of this clay will open meridians and you can relax totally and surrender to the peace that prevails.  A bath using Terrabathe is a sure way to rejuvenate both mind and body.  This 20 minute luxury will inspire you.  Try it and see.  

Normal Use: For most uses as a relaxation bath and for hydrotherapy health maintenance, use

Approximately ½ - ¾  cup of TerraBathe in a full tub of very warm water. The water should be over

100 degrees, and as warm as you can comfortably take for about  ½ hour.


minerals for the body    TerraBathe is made from 100% ION-MIN clay. It is a completely natural mineral with antimicrobial and detoxification properties. It cannot clog your plumbing, fixtures, septic system, or the municipal waste systems. In fact, as it is flushed down the drain it continues to decontaminate and help remove toxins and odors along the way. Some particles will settle to the bottom of the tub. Feel free to rinse it down.



rare earth minerals   If you use more than a cup in a small tub, you may want to wait an hour or two and then let the water drain normally, then scoop up any sediment and throw it away or put it into your garden.





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