Terramin 1000 mg - 300 Caplets

Terramin 1000 mg - 300 Caplets

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Terramin is an all-natural, colloidal clay mineral supplement. It can have the following benefits:

- detoxification throughout the entire body for better metabolism and weight control

- kills bacteria on contact and brings the digestive tract into balance

- contains the most powerful toxin absorbing clay minerals available

- eliminates pathogens and many heavy metals from the body

- all natural, non-allergenic pure ingredients for enhanced healing and well-being

- strengthens the immune system. Remineralizes the body with over 50 macro, micro and trace minerals

- provides calcium at the cellular level, to help fortify and strenthen bones and joint.


No other product better supports a natural cleansing of the entire body. It detoxifies, cleanses and adds vital mineral nutrients all at the same time.


For travel and time saving convenience, caplets or tablets are a simple way to take Terramin on a daily basis. Should be taken with plenty of water.


Terramin products are all natural and come from a rare special deposit in the California Desert in the Colorada River Delta. They have been in use since 1946 and is the only clay tested by NASA and approved for use by astronauts in space. It is dafe for men, women and children of all ages.


Visit www.CaliforniaEarthMinerals.com to learn more about this product. 



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