Terrasilk Clay Mask 8 Oz.

$14.99 USD
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Terrasilk is an all-natural, ionic mask and clay mineral powder. It can provide the following benefits:

- excellent skin toning, tightening and renewal for silky smooth skin

- kills bacteria on contact, reduces skin's oil production over time and prevents future breakouts

- contains the most powerful toxin absorbing clay mineral available

- good for psoriasis, eczema and acne and other skin disorders

- immediate pain relief and treatment for skin abrasions, cuts, scratches and insect bites

- used as a tooth powder it will kill odor causing bacteria, strengthen the gums and whiten the teeth


Terrasilk supports natural cleansing of skin, pores and sub-dermal layers to keep your skin healthy, toned and youthful. It contains 57 trace minerals that can help revitalize and restore skin's healthy glow. 

Terrasilk can also be used to clean the teeth, removing tartar and help create a bright white smile. It also kills odor causing bacteria - a safe and natural way to healthier gums and improved tooth colour.

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